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Hello Forum! A brief introduction

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    Hey guys and girls,

    A friend of mine told me about this forum and I decided I'd sign up and introduce myself.

    Hi! My name is Shannon. I'm a 30 year old man from beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

    I've always been generally fascinated by physics, but a short while ago I decided that I would leave my successful career as a CG feature film animator (most recently I worked on "Happy Feet Two") and pursue a life in Physics!!

    I've gone back to do my VCE (our year 12 schooling which we do right before university) with a focus on physics and mathematics. I hope to get into Melbourne University (arguably the best uni in Australia) and study a Bachelor of Science major: Mathematical Physics. So far I'm finding it incredibly fun and rewarding.

    Over the next 5 years or so that I'll be studying, I hope to find myself at home in this forum.

    Nice to meet you all, see you in the forums.
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    Hi and welcome. I notice that you haven't put anything in your profile. You might do that as it might help people who might be apprehensive about replying to your posts to decide whether or not to reply to your posts.

    There are a number of physics professionals and other various Phds at PF. Hopefully you'll get into some interesting discussions at PF.
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    Welcome to the Forums Shannon! Good luck going back to school :smile:
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    Your introduction was faulty at one minor point, Shannon:

    You didn't mention your favourite fish??
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    Welcome to the forums Shannon!! You'll definitely gonna feel like you're at home here. :smile:

    But we really need to know your favorite fish? :biggrin:
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    Welcome Shannon!! I'm sure you'll feel at home here!!

    So.... are you fond of a special kind of fish perhaps??
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Shannon. Your introduction post should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to return to school.
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