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Hello forum

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    Can any body tell me the software name which changes a pdf file(text mode) which has been scanned and kept in pdf format

    actually i want to modify the data in that image

    ie one textbook has been scanned and that is put in pdf format
    I changed it into word with the converters(pdf to word) but even i cant able to modify the data in that.because it is coming in image form only

    i want the software for that in internet
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    The only thing I've ever heard of similar to this is OCR when you scan an image to a text file. There may very well be something that converts a "picture" .pdf file back to a text format.
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    You'll need OCR as said.

    If it's im the form of a bitmap/image, you can't convert it back directly.
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    thank you all
    i tried that also
    but all the text that has converted is having dots after each worr

    looks irritating to see i cant modify that dot by deleating it
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