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Hello from a future engineer!

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    Hello Physics Forums Folks! I finally took the plunge to join your forums, as I should have done way earlier in the semester. I'm very impressed with the manner in which problems are worked out here and formulas are shown. I have a weakness in being able to manipulate the formulas in physics and I am looking forward to working with members of this community to help guide me in the right direction when I get a little turned around.

    I am a hard working mother of two boys, who has gone back to school as an adult. I'm 38 years old and I received my Associate of Science last semester from a local community college. I am now in the Engineering Program at the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) majoring in Mechanical and Energy Engineering.

    I do understand most of the concepts I have learned in physics, as this is the 2nd time I am taking it - only this is the Calculus based course this time around. And, the first time I took it, the course was open book/open notes, so I did not have to truly apply myself to understanding how to manipulate the equations the way we are doing out at UNT. So far I am making a low B in the course.

    I totally appreciate this site as well as the help other's work has provided me, and I'm ready to dive in and ask for some help of my own tonight. Thank you physics people. You guys are fantastic, and I really look up to you.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Engineers rule....and we're not all physics people here...

    I would describe myself as an energy and mechanical engineer, but I didn't actually know that "energy engineer" was a degree option. Or is that mechanical engineering, with a certain focus in energy?
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    Hi Russ.
    UNT actually has a specific program that merges energy engineering into their mechanical program. They are big on being a "green" school, and with so many companies "going green", they felt it was a smart move to adapt their program to accommodate what future engineers will be working with in their environments.

    I am only in my first semester, so I don't actually know the specifics that make MEEN different than ME, however it is one of the reasons I chose UNT over UT Dallas. More bang for my buck. And the program is ABET? accredited. (I believe it has something to do with team working skills and projects)

    I'm away from my resume, or I'd be able to tell you what the actual accreditation is.

    Nice to meet another engineer.
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    So, it piqued my curiosity and I googled the course list. It looks virtually identical to the standard ME course list except that several courses have the word "energy" added to them. It's a bit vauge and I know I'm biased, but I like the angle.
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    Welcome Lina!
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    I have no doubt you'll be a successful Engineer. Welcome to PF.
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    Congratulations! Work hard, do your research and stay dedicated to your goal.
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    One of the requirements for professional engineers is to have a degree from an ABET accredited program. http://www.abet.org/

    Basically the organization assesses an engineering program on certain criteria, including the curriculum, homework and testing, experimental/laboratory program, . . . . The accreditation means the programs meets certain requirements.

    Best wishes for success in one's academic pursuits and engineering program.

    One should look into becoming a student member of ASME - www.asme.org.
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    Yes Astronuc,
    One of the first things I did was join up with ASME. Thanks for the advice.
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