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Hello from a new guy

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    Many people call me Plano Billy because I use to live in Plano Texas. Now I live in Miami Florida. I play guitar so I guess every guitar player needs a name.

    I have had an interest in physics all my life. I happen to be studying vacuum tubes tonight and that caused me to look up the element barium which lead to looking at the atomic structure. In the process I found the term "magic numbers" which lead me to the term "island of stability". I found those terms so hilarious in the context of physics I just had to go find a physics forum to see what you guys and gals were up to!

    I had the preconceived notion that such a forum would be pretty serious. After looking around at a few threads I stand corrected. There are at least some of you who have a well developed sense of humor!!

    Therefore, if you can excuse my likely inability to type proper English or correctly spell in English and my lack of understanding of why Schrodinger was ever allowed to have a cat in the first place, this will prove to be a fun place to learn some new things, for me at least.


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    Welcome to PF! We are serious but also fun :smile:
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    Thanks Greg
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