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Hello from CWDesign!

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    I've been a phys.org reader for some time, decided it was time to become an actual member instead of a lurker. :wink:

    By day I'm a salesman - if you need to do something in your house, I'm the guy who helps you figure out how to do it successfully. Actually, that's something of a challenge - you'd be amazed how many people out there can't understand that gravity is a law, not just a suggestion, and have NO concept of how much their house weighs, or what it takes to hold it up.

    By night I design houses, hence the "cwdesign" moniker - been doing that since long before there was such a thing as "AutoCAD". Got a loyal group of client builders who keep me as busy as (sometimes busier than!) I want to be.

    And by avocation I'm a physicist wannabee - just can't get enough of the stuff. Know just enough to be dangerous. I'm decent with the maths, differential calculus (and yeah, integrals still mess me up every time), rudimentary linear algebra, etc. I enjoy getting into the details and being able to prove it. When I get WAY over my head, I'm okay as long as I can grasp the fundamental concepts...

    That's me in a nutshell - happy to be on board!
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    Glad you joined, welcome!
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