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Hello from Hoverdasher

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    My screen name is Hoverdasher; my friends call me Katie.

    Hoverdasher is a fictional character.

    Thank you for having me, I hope to enjoy dialogue with many of you.

    I may do more reading than speaking, as I am no scientist.

    I write science fiction for children--middle readers and YA.

    As I write, it is my hope that my work will become published so that young people everywhere will be inspired by the wonder that is, Science.

    There is something splendid in every field. At present, I find the field of Quantum Physics particularly interesting.

    Still, this may change--for, just the other day I was fascinated by the superb efficiency of cellular work compared with the efficiency of man made machines.

    Another topic that interests me is Design and Bio-mimicry.

    As well, I think genetics is brilliant--so brilliant I can merely gawk at it.

    I am not a scientist--I am a science lover and enthusiast.

    I am a teacher of the early and intermediate forms.

    As an educator and author, it is always my driving desire and passion to challenge youngsters--to push young minds to frame realistic problems, and critically think about ethical, thought-provoking solutions.

    Science is a subject I teach year-round. I am a project-based educator. Although literacy is my specialization, I integrate science into my literacy program with great passion, and facility!

    (There are so many disciplines to choose from and examine)!

    I am glad to make your acquaintance, and hope to speak with you, soon.
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    Welcome to PF!
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