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Hello from new member

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    Hi, I have just joined this forum. I am an independent learner in Mathematics and Physics, and hold a batchelor's degree in Mathematics, and have formerly worked as a software developer. I have over past couple of years been re-teaching myself Maths/Physics, greatly assisted by the wonderful resources now available online. I hope to share some of my thoughts online also, and hope some of my posts will be helpful on here.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our site rules in the link below and be aware that we focus on mainstream STEM subjects and dont discuss personal theories or speculative science.
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    I just saw your comment on the "Newtons/Force" question.

    I got to say it was a terrific answer :cool::eek:.
    The diagram,the equations and writing were so nice I would have liked it twice if I could. ;)

    Nonetheless, I fear the OPmight not understand the mathematics.
    He did not seem very accustomed to mechanics, but if he does not understand it you still helped him out by providing the "mental tools" (equations) for constructing the box, as well as the information that there are calculators for it.
    Keep up the good work :smile:

    EDIT: I might have gonea little overboard but the basic point remains.
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    Thanks Tazerfish, appreciate your comment. I use Tikz for diagramming which is a fantastic tool. The gas spring is an interesting problem and a good exercise to work through. The maths is fun, but I just wanted to quote the end result, though I could supply a derivation if anyone was interested (it just requires some basic trig and geometry).
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    I looked a tiny bit into Tikz because you said it was a "fantastic tool" and i got to say, although it seems very sleek and versatile it also looks a little complicated for a program/language(what exactly is it ?) which just makes graphics.
    I guess until i need to make a lot of diagrams, graphics, etc. or a well made one for a presentation i will stick to drawing ugly stuff in paint o0).
    (I am just a eleventh grade student(in germany) right now and not a particularly hard working one at that so please excuse my attitude :biggrin:)

    By the way, you do not have to go through the trouble of putting up a derivation.
    I actually think i could do it myself (probably/hopefully) and figuring it out on my own is significantly more rewarding(if i get around to actually doing it).
    PS:The formula with the cos psi on one side does not look like its derivation would fit well with my definition of fun :wink:
    I like math don't get the wrong idea, that formula just looks like it would be tedious to derive.
    PPS:This post just makes me seem like i am the laziest person on the planet:DD
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    This member introductions ONLY. Please start a thread in the appropriate forum. Thank you.
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