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Hello from Sacramento, CA

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    I'm taking classes at a community college and planning to transfer after the summer and fall semester. I'm currently in calculus 2, physics 1, and chemistry 1. I'm loving it all, but calculus is the only one proving to be of much intellectual challenge. (Chemistry is a bit challenging but mostly only because I hate memorizing things). I started getting interested in physics when I was 19, after UCLA professor told me that I had unique intuition for these things and handed me one of Brian Greene's books. I'm here to expand my horizons a bit. I hope I can get much more out of this website (along with my own personal effort) than I am currently getting out of school.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi onethatyawns. Welcome to the famous Physics Forums. :)

    I'm sure you will find this site stimulating and a useful resource in your studies.
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