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Hello from the founder of BiologyForums.com

  1. Aug 20, 2003 #1
    Hi everybody, so glad to have found this place.

    I'm the (new) founder of www.BiologyForums.com
    And as you guessed Biology Forums is a strictly Biology forum!

    Check it out if you'd like!

    I am the admin, and any moderators are and will be people with degrees in Biology - thus helping to share information!

    Also, if anyone wants to make us a banner to replace the default phpBB2 one we'd be forever grateful!

    Look forward to discussions.......
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    Hey now...quit trying to steal our membership!!!
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    Zero - I'm not trying to steal, promise. It's important we science forums show eachother off to promote discussion everywhere!

    You're more than welcome to post an introductory message from the physics forums on my place!

    In regards to www.chemistryforums.com - someone owns it but has yet to put something up.

    I've found that next to nobody wants to discuss chemistry nearly as much as bio or physics - it's just a darn boring science, at least to me.
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    For you will be doomed to fail... Maybe.

    Well I dunno, as PF operates partially on the philosophy that everything is physics, in a way. Even disproving that everything is physics. :wink:

    Still, I'll have a look sometime.

    Chemistry isn't boring! It's just well... ok... ever so slightly boring.... (Dodges thrown test tubes.)
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    Yes indeed physics is all of science.

    But our lack of ability to compute and test certain events purely within the realm of physics (as mathetematical equations) is why we have to branch things....

    Someday we could hypothetically explain the interactions of an entire ecological system using the physics of every single string involved.

    Ouch - that would be a big equation!

    You can see under one of my "Admin" announcment posts I mentioned physics being the ultimate (and truly only) science, from which all branch out of.

    Do check the forums out!
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    You and crystal seem to be thoroughly dogmatic in tone. I Hope you all have fun whipping your forum posters into line.
  9. Aug 21, 2003 #8
    I suppose that's what a religious person would say.

    Our forums are for the science of Biology - and nothing more :)
  10. Aug 21, 2003 #9
    Oh, and Crystal is a moderator and has nothing to do with the posts under any other name.

    Funny a religious person would even have the word dogmatic in their vocab :).

    We're open to any and all yet not disproven and untested concepts. And open to any discussion which meets the guidelines.
  11. Aug 22, 2003 #10

    Not funny at all. Haven't you heard of Dogmatic Theology?

    Also, I wonder who you might be thinking is religious. Do people with biology degrees (suitable for monitoring BiologyForums) also come equipped with intensified skills of discernment? I suppose that it might just be a gross chunk of presumption, with more to be expected as a matter of course.

    That is an interesting phrase. I am probably unqualified, since I have no idea what might be undisproven or untested. I can probably find out some of what is claimed to be disproven or tested.
  12. Aug 22, 2003 #11
    Getting off topic and negative
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