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Hello good folks

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    Hi everyone. New to forum. 30 Year old man from sweden. Looking to refresh and expand my math skills by books, moocs, youtube and forums from home on my spare time.

    High scool math 10+ years ago, don´t remember much of it but passed with small margin on the course containing integrals and diff. equations (math course "E" in school system at the time in sweden)

    took the first of 2 physics courses as well.

    ex-poker pro (sucessfully for about 8 years) :)

    preliminary goal, handle ocw mit or equivalent exams on calculus and then intro to statistics and probability

    goals be able to simulate portfolio/bankroll scenarios for betting/finance with diff bet sizes and variance
    and make balanced totalisator combos for sports/ horse racing (value edges x strike prob)

    (maybe need to learn some programming somewhere ?)

    people and stuff who inspire me to get more math stuff down: Aaron Brown, Nassim Taleb, Martin Armstrong, The good Judgement project among others

    Currently reading and doin exercises in "Mathematics for the practical man"

    taking things slow due to burnout and concommitant brain fog

    Thanks for reading and I hope to have a pleasant experience here and be able to follow the rules :)
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    Welcome to the forum dyrer!
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    Welcome to the PF :smile:
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