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Hello goodbye

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    I'm currently traveling in Vietnam and I met an australian girl. We ended up going to a few cities together. We spent the last week together and I developed the biggest crush on her! But alas I had to bid her farewell today as she returned home. I think if she invited me to visit I would immediately lol. Now I'm lonely in Saigon :(
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    Lonely in Saigon. Is that similar to Sleepless in Seattle? :wink: I'm currently not anywhere different to me so not even remotely fascinating or interesting or even on an adventure. I think I need to envy you.

    Anyway, glad you're having a lovely time!
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    Why don't you invite her to visit you in the States?
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    Yeah, stay in touch with her and invite her to the States sometime.
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    Greg, please tell us that you two traded contact information.
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    Greg, let her go. Its too difficult. It's not meant to be. Plus, she has a boyfriend back home she never told you about. Let the good times roll man, let them roll.
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    He is not having a good time, he WAS having a good time till she left.
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    Wait, admins have time for a personal life? :rolleyes:

    Seriously, I hope that you did exchange info and get together again.
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    I though Greg already had a gf!:redface:

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    Thrill, adrenaline, chase, adventure. That's what matters.
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    Ditto. Hopefully you exchanged info.

    My story: :!!)
    When I "re-met" my now spouse (at the time, I was visiting the area, where I used to live... and before, he was more of an acquaintance/friend-of-a-friend), he took me to lunch (since I had a break between other activities), then I went on to my own activities again... which included leaving the state the next day for a 20-hr car trip back to my then-abode. When I returned to MY home (from that long drive, during which I thought a lot about him), an email was waiting and I read all between the lines (we parted at lunch with an awkward hug... too long for him, but too short for me -- my friends hug a lot). He came to visit me within a month... and I confess I would have emailed him had he not done so first.

    Maybe despite my general pragmatism, I'm a romantic. Maybe not.
    Note: we were both at a transitional point -- he was looking for new jobs, and I was finishing my Ph.D. We just decided to give it a go and transition together. That helped.

    Note too: I'm only attending to this thread because it's yours Greg (and the title is from the Beatles!)! Normally I'd leave the "romantic" subforum alone! :wink:
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    Dear Ronery in Saigon.

    Australian women will drink you under the table, shoot and field dress dinner, and rough you up like a rugby player in the sack. Depending on your own personal inclinations you should either a) steer clear and be glad you did not get hurt already or b) buy a plane ticket to Australia in the morning.

    This post brought to you by the Smiles for Lonely People Foundation
  14. Jan 22, 2010 #13
    You better have at least got her digits Greg!
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    An Australian girl, you are just lucky you did not end up like the guy in the movie "Welcome to Woop Woop".
    Great movie if you haven’t seen it.

    (edit) Actually it’s a great movie even if you have seen it.
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  16. Jan 22, 2010 #15
    Trust me. The last thing you want is an Australian girl. Trust me.
  17. Jan 22, 2010 #16
    Haha I was going a little nutty there for a second! But I did send her a fb message. We shall see!
  18. Jan 25, 2010 #17
    Indeed we will! Best of luck, Greg; this seems really romantic.
  19. Jan 25, 2010 #18
    Mr. Bernhardt, Australian chicks are the bomb. You have to go to Oz and meet her. Do you know how to surf? If she lives on the coast she most likely can. Is she from the NT? No good comes from the NT.

    I wish you luck brave soldier in your conquest!
  20. Jan 25, 2010 #19

    Math Is Hard

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    ooh la la! :!!)
  21. Jan 25, 2010 #20
    This thread reminds me:
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