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Hello Greg, hello everyone

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    I am a student of Physics and have an Anthropology background which you cannot hold against me, I was much younger then. I knew there was hope when I heard years ago Hubble started out as a lawyer when he was younger. I do have a website up Greg with a link to this forum and would like to direct traffic to your forum instead of setting up another, which was my original intent before I found yours. I would like to contribute all I can within time and knowledge constraints. I am fairly new to Physics but not academia as a whole, but still most of my day is now spent studying and learning new and exciting things. Thank you for such a wonderful forum format, I can only imagine the time and effort you have applied here. I will email you my Physics website url Greg and look forward to participating in the forum. Kenneth
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    Welcome to PF! What is your website?
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    http://physicssandbox.com with the link to the forum on the start page under Sandbox admin links (right side of page). This is very cool format you have and I look forward to adding to it when I can.
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    Nice site, you're now Gold!
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    Not that nice of a site yet, but thanks and for the gold, long way to go to make it a real site. Was in a study group over the summer and got the idea in May. Learning Wolfram most of the summer with little time to devote to the site, mostly links people have suggested and some I liked (but all have been reviewed) It will become useful beyond resource links in the future. Do you mind if I move your forum link to the top of the pages and replace my PS forum coming soon links, (scratch that idea) to direct students here in Florida to your forum? I am sitting on top of NASA and the schools that are supported. Physics Forums would be a great resource for them.
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    Absolutely, thanks for the support!
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    Nice to have you here KP! :smile:
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    Thanks Greg, nice to have landed here. I will post the updates on my site for the PF in a few and suggest using the forum to buy their materials through PF. After being in the campus bookstore today $$$, I don't think that will be an issue with anyone. Here's the kicker, in response to amazon and such the universities are starting to custom brand text books to that certain school (which seems to only be the schools name printed on the back of the book so far). Saving grace for smart students wanting to save on their student loans :) most professors have not required the branded books for their classes. Thank again Greg.
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    Thanks berkeman, very nice to be here.
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