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Hello hello hello. Is there anybody in there?

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    Hello all, I'm new. I've been visiting physicsforums.com for quite a while but finally decided to join the community. I'm in my third year of an undergraduate degree in physics but it is not my first time in college. I got an A.S. in computer science so I could code for a living and did that for almost a decade before realizing that it was never what I really wanted to do. My passion has always been space.
    Through a serious of unfortunate events I was given the opportunity to start again, and so I decided to leave my career and study what I always whished I had studied before. My end game is grad school, but I've got a lengthy transcript from my idiot youth that will probably make that tough.
    So here I am. I'm happy to be part of the pf community and look forward to spending as much time as I can around here.
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    Welcome to PF timo!
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    Thank you Evo! Happy to be here!
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    Thanks FritoTaco! Great... now I'm hungry.
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