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Hello Hello!

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    Good day, fellow students of physics,

    I figured it was high time I made an account on this site so as to get a little more involved. I've recently obtained a bachelor's degree of science, majoring in math and physics, and I intend to go to graduate school in about a year's time. The only thing holding me back is the physics subject GRE, on which I earned a score of 490 the first time around. The grades I earned in my college physics courses range from B to A all throughout and I've even coauthored a published paper regarding cycling (with bikes and whatnot). I feel like I could probably get in to some graduate program somewhere with my current record, but, to me, that 490 tells me I have a sub-par grasp on the physical world around me. I don't want this to be the case when I get to graduate school. So, here I am. I'll likely gravitate toward the "homework questions" forum and at least lurk in current questions if not attempt to offer guidance towards solutions.
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    Hi Kinta. Welcome to PF. :smile:
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