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Hello, hola

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    Hello, -I am Dan, new here, never been in a forum before, I will try to folow the rules, Sorry about my bad english gramar, Spanish is my maine language.

    I am here mostly interested to get to know facts for quantum physics and all diferent braches of physics by people that know what are they talking about (I am not one of them) but I do have a theroy that begins on the asumption that string theory is correct or mostly correct, from that I am writting my own theory which of course needs people Who will shed some "light" on the theory trough prooven evidence of diferent area on physics.

    So I know here is not the place to ask questions, but just wonder if a normal layman, like myself has a "revelation" that comes from physics, and more important from String theory, but does not have the expertise or training to do the math (in a matter of saying) where shouldI turn to? I would Love to speak to a real String Theoriest and to help me understand if I am over simplifiying things or I am on to something,

    I will put an example of one of the things that I am thinking as possible in this theory among many many other profounds revelations. For example in my reasoning string theory explains perfectly evolution and why it happens, crazy? Yes

    Of course all I am writng on my journal has a lots of ifs, so I need to Talk to some one smarter and with more training.

    Can any one point to the right direction I should go? Who can I Talk to?

    Again, Sorry for my english!

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    Welcome to PF Dan!
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