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Hello. I am a physics student.

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    Hello. I am Yunjia who is a physics student. I am quite interested in theoretical approaches and mathematics. Whenever I go through some solving, I feel great pleasure. And I am still learning physics. Therefore, please forgive me if I make stupid mistakes in the future. I am really pleasant to know about PF and wish we a good time together. :) (P.S. I apologize if I made any grammatical error. English is not my first language.)
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    Welcome to PF Yunjia !
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    I am learning physics and learning never ends. currently I am studying BS Physics in Islamia College University Peshawar Pakistan
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    Hallo admin, thank you for the warm welcome. I am a student from a Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in Kenya. I love physics so much, especially Electricity, Magnetism and gravitation. I also love statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, though I am a little weaker in both, still physics amateur
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    I have a burning question. do you think that there exists a state where slope of adiabatic curve is equal to the slope of isothermal curve in a PV diagram?
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