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Hello i am a very interested learner and hope to learn a lot

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    Welcome to PF!

    What are your interests?
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    mostly physics (particle physics and quantum physics)
    questions for u:
    • is there any way to look back on anything i posted and see if my question/thread was answered?
    • is this an automated message or are u really online?
    • how do i know my questions will be answered quickly?
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    Yes, look at the my PF tab and the your content selection to get a list of what you've posted most recent first.

    I am a robot so of course its an automated message :-)

    There is no guarantee of quick or slow or even if someone will answer your question. We are all volunteers here at PF and answer when we can.

    Please take some time to read our guidelines under the INFO tab at the top right of the web page.

    Take care,
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    hey do u think u can answer my current question please?
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    Post your question in the appropriate forum. We don't answer questions in the introduction forum as many folks don't visit it often.

    If its homework then it should be a homework forum and you should fill out the template and show some work.

    Also please use proper english and no shortcuts like "u" for you as there are some forum readers who are new to english and it makes things difficult for them.
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