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Hello. I am new and interested in RF plasma production

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    Hello to all.

    I have experience in building Helicon plasma sources using commercial grade etching equipment. That is, I know what commercially available pieces to connect together in order to produce a plasma, however I would like to understand the inner workings of this equipment and home brew a less expensive device. So here I am!
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    So pick whichever PF technical forum looks like the best match, and start a new thread there with your questions. Show the kinds of equipment you have used before, and tell us what projects you want to make with your new home-brewed equipment. Also post a bit about your knowledge of safety precautions involved with this type of equipment, so that folks can tell that you will be safe in this work. :smile:
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    Thank you for the response! I will make sure to include all this information in my new posts. =)
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