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Hello, i just joined.

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    i am preparing for masters in physics after completing an engineering degree in electrical engineering. Messed up my degree because after a year of entering it i realized physics was really my calling, but due to financial constraints i simply could not leave engineering and pursue physics in the middle. So my engineering studies were a combination of torture and depression, my love my girlfriend left me because of this,we were together for 3 years. i had lost hope of ever completing my degree and have been very close to suicide a number of times but i eventually got the degree last year....after 6 years of starting it. I am not hoping for a good engineering job, i am only hoping to study and research in physics for the rest of my life no matter what job i do. i lost my love, i lost my chance for a good degree, i have no money but my love for physics keeps me wanting to live.
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    Welcome to PF!
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