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Hello, I'm new here!

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    Hello my name is John. My main reason for signing up here was to expand my knowledge of physics as well as seek help from those who have better knowledge of physics. I'm finishing my grade 11 physics course in two days and I will be beginning my grade 12 course on late January of 2017. I'm a little nervous for grade 12 due to seeing my friend struggle with it, and I also struggled with grade 11 physics when I first took it. My goal for the new school year is to be more focused, therefore, I will be seeking help anywhere possible since online/real-life tutors are too expensive. Thank you to all who made this site and to those who go out of their way to help others. You may not know it but you are making a big difference in the success of our education.
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    Welcome to PF! and thanks for the praise!

    In your studies of physics, try to go deeper into understanding the principles. I know some students get preoccupied with learning the formulas and under what conditions they may be used and hence not seeing the deeper underlying structure to the whole system.
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