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Hello! I'm new!

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    Hey Everyone,

    My name is James, and I am a 2nd year University student. I'm switching programs -- from psychology to Engineering, and I am beginning to study physics (as a pre-requisite), and it is a FASCINATING subject... it's so... practical. I would eventually like to study materials engineering (I think... my mind may change as I keep studying). however, right now, I like materials engineering, and cellular structure engineering.

    I'm joining the physics forums to learn new things, and get a more thorough understanding of the fundamentals... maybe even get some help on homework??? :P

    I also want to ask everyone for some interesting ideas as to career options in engineering -- what do you think are some cool professions in this field?
    I would be really interested to know
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    Welcome to the PF.

    For your career questions, please start a new thread in the Career Guidance forum. :smile:
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