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Hello, I'm Paul

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    I'm Paul, I'm an automation engineer currently living in Palo Alto, CA. But I move around a lot because I do contracting, it pays more and keeps things interesting. I also like to make things, both as a hobby and a side business. I'm sort of a jack of all trades, at least in the realm of electronic, mechanical, software and electrical things.

    I can offer help on technological aspects of things you might be working on; stuff like getting your devices to communicate, figuring out why your circuit doesn't work.
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    Welcome to PF, Paul. We can always use knowledgeable people who like to help others. :smile:
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    Welcome Paul. What kinds of things do you make just for fun? Got some examples? Pics?
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    Welcome to the PF, Paul.

    I live in the East Bay and work down in San Jose. I look forward to your contributions in the EE and other Engineering forums! :smile:
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