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Hello, I'm polytropia. I'm interested in "why"

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    I came here after noticing a thread I found amusing where someone named "vanesch" said in this post that theories like SED are unneccessary ontological "toy worlds" for people who need to have an explanation behind the formalism of QM, to make themselves feel better.

    Mainly I just wanted to come here so I could see the reaction of people like vanesch to the work of John W.M. Bush, who seems to have vindicated de Broglie vis-a-vis Niels Bohr with Pilot-Wave Hydrodynamics :D

    I enjoy true science and new ideas, and coming from a family of scientists, I am interested to explore why the politics of science often stifles perfectly legitimate, even groundbreaking new ideas, to the extent that the only new ideas that survive to challenge hegemony are those whose proponents have somehow managed to devote their entire lives to seemingly fruitless, nearly career-suicide work.

    I am also a life-long lover of cosmology and an activist for the watchdogs of Hanford and Fukushima, the sad legacies of arrogance, war, and lack of foresight. I'm interested to know why such smart people didn't know that Murphy's Law is the zeroeth law of Thermodynamics?

    BTW, I'm not here to troll or oppose useful math, just to observe the politics of science play out in debates and hopefully pick up some knowledge of physics along the way. I think it's important to have constructive debates and seeing one like the thread I linked to above made me confident that I could learn a lot here.

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    Welcome to PF! I am relatively new here, but I can tell you that this place is a haven for those looking to understand and apply established physical theories.
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    Well and to inquire about peer-reviewed, published works, right?
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    If it has been published and peer-reviewed, of course!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hello polytropia!

    As it happens, I only joined here yesterday. My aims sound quite similar to yours.


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    That's great to hear, Mahmoud! I'm a software developer now, and I am possibly working on some things that will model quantum systems in virtual reality. So I may have an ulterior motive :D
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