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Hello, I'm Sherry

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    Hello PF!

    This is Sherry and I thought I'd just say hello.

    For many concepts, I've been able to improve my understanding bcuz of PF - hope I can learn more and peps contribute as well!

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    Welcome to PF!

    Just to warn you, watch out with the text speak. PF rules require proper grammar to be used at all times (to the best of your ability at least. No one's going to ban you because you forgot a comma). Too much bcuz, 4real, and similar phrases make posts extremely hard to read. Plus we have a bunch of old farts here who didn't grow up with the internet or cell phones. Right @phinds ?
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    Absoutuley. I hv no id wh ths tngs r about
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    Thanks Drakkith

    I'll keep that in mind for sure!
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