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Hello, just found out about this website. Cool!

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    Yes this place is cool! Welcome
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    Thread getting old but I feel compelled to say that there are some brilliant ppl here. Myself? I'm a dummy, however I have always loved quantum mechanics, and the mysterious universe of the sub atomic world..to me it is mind boggling,more compelling than any religion..it is its own religion in a way with its followers obeying fact and reason..anyway, thank you all for being the bright lights in a world full of dimness. Through sheer love and interest I've learned a have a semi-stable, albeit tentative grasp on relativity,hell ...even gravity but enough to follow along most of the time so you won't see very many posts from me...I didn't even graduate high school, so I won't even try to speak the language of the universe when I never even learned English that well...lol, nonetheless, I find the debates and minds here awesome!thanks again!
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