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Hello everyone, my name's Ricky (or RJ, whichever you prefer). My interest in physics (and, incidentally, logic and philosophy) started when I was watching Star Trek on my tiny black and white television as a child. Around the time I was eight or ten years old I got interested in astrophysics through a book titled "Black Holes". From there my interest in physics has run the gamut, perhaps least so in biophysics and chemistry, and especially in high energy particle physics, astrophysics and all things Feynman.

I am not mathphobic, but I must confess my formal education only extends as far as high-school algebra (I can handle E=MC2 but quantum wave functions would require me to search wikipedia for every symbol :P ). Nonetheless the qualitative picture of science, and the practical world of technology, fascinate me quite a bit.


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Welcome to PF, Ricky! I think you'll like it here :smile:.
Hi there RJ,
Welcome to PF :smile:

Since you like physics this is gonna be a heaven for you.... as it has been for me! :biggrin:
Thanks, everyone :)

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