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Hello! Left my unfulfilling IT career for engineering

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    Studied ME in undergrad and didn't take it seriously -- I started a business while in college and to be fair, it was worth the abysmal GPA. After undergrad, I kept my business going and worked in IT making a pretty good salary. I wasn't happy and dreaded every morning. Saved up some money and now I'm back in school going for my masters in ME. It's hard going back to being a student, but I'm not regretting it yet! Currently in my first semester and doing well in 3 of my 4 classes. Fluids kicked my ass in undergrad and history seems to be repeating itself in that regard.

    Luckily my better half is also supporting me through this... she always said one of us has to try to find a career that we enjoy -- but she's not thrilled about taking the chance so that leaves me to do it :).

    Hopefully I'll get in the habit of coming here to keep myself on my toes helping others when I have time.
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    Hi OldStudent0382. Welcome back to physical sciences, and welcome anew to PF.

    Good luck with your studies.
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