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Hello, my name is Bandersnatch and I'm a crackpot addict

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    I need help. I don't know what to do.

    Every time I see a crackpot posting on PF I'm going into an ecstatic state of utmost glee. I gobble up the convoluted effusions as if they were celestial ambrosia. I wallow in the pungent fragrance of confused and misapplied terminology. I feel my soul raising to heights rarely seen otherwise, and tell myself that I simply find amusement in undoing the conceptual knots that people can tie themselves into. As if it was a good-hearted, bening thing.

    But I know, oh I know. I enjoy it so because it makes me feel superior to my fellow man. I am vain, and I don't want to be! But those crackpots keep coming back, and I can't deny myself another fix. I am addicted.

    Just now I saw another one, a magnificent specimen scoring in the hundreds on the crackpot index. I couldn't help but enjoy ticking off the boxes as I kept reading(and watching his videos). I even stooped as low as to sneer at his horrible, horrible English.

    Help! I need a support group of like-minded, I mean, similarly-afflicted individuals. Perhaps even, oh I can't say that... I will say that - perhaps even a thread where all the fabulous crackpot posts could be reposted(and not deleted by our gracious mods) for the sole purpose of providing aesthetic pleasure. As a medicinal dose, of course. A legalised, regulated medicinal dose. One cannot simply go cold turkey on crackpots after all. It might result in some analogue of delirium tremens, or worse!
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    I am a reformed crackpot, now i just get things wrong, but i am dealing with that :]
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    Try a web search for skycentrism.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
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    Are there still crackpots posting on PF? I haven't seen one in a long time. Would like some links.
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    We delete most of them.

    The internet is full of them, so if you want to see crackpot theories, google will help.
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    Thank you. You just confirmed we are effective.
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    Yes you are, and (most of, OP excluded) the PF community is very thankful for that.
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    I am too.

    I enjoy the occasional crackpot paper but we don't want them piling up in the forums. That'll just attract other crackpots.
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    Well, there's usually people throwing around the same weird uninformed ideas like consciousness in quantum mechanics.
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    Oh, yeah. I remember that one for sure, it was quite a treat. Must have sent Bandersmatch into paroxysms of joy since he insisted on it not being deleted, but preserved (presumably to feed his guilty habit on nights when he couldn't sleep. :p )
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    Ha! I was a little surprised Dale went along with it.

    I think we have a UFO enthusiast in our midst as well. He's being careful with his posts though...
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    It's slightly amusing when someone follows up their ludicrous, disputed by evidence, assertions with a cry of outrage at how Physicists are somehow out of tune with the facts.
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    That's random mutation that'll lead to something unknown in advance.
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    Hey, don't be such a grammar nazi. He was a Pole. When English is your second language you have to make a choice, you can either polish your English, or your crackpot theories. There is simply no time in life for both.
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    I enjoy crackpots which are just over-the-top insane. Have you seen this?: http://www.templeos.org/

    It's beautiful.
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    How ya doing?
  19. Sep 25, 2014 #18


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    Did you intend that as a 'double-entendre'...? :D
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    ohhh wow ... the mind boggles ;)
  21. Sep 29, 2014 #20
    It's always fun to use a mix of existing terminology that's not related to confuse a crackpot.
    Especially when they immediately use the proposed nonsense to 'prove' their claim...

    Do not use this before determining he or she isn't going to accept serious answers disproving their claims.
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