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Hello! My name is Brandon; I'm new to the world of physics!

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    Hello everyone on these wonderful forums! I have used your site plenty of times throughout this past semester as I am currently taking the first semester of Physics I have ever taken! At first, I really hated the class. The first couple chapters were all just kinematics, and I thought to myself "Man this is just really hard Trig". But as the semester moved on, I have really started to like physics and appreciate the subject as a whole. Anyway, long introduction, but the point is that I'm here and I love it :smile:
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Good to hear you are appreciating your study of Physics. You're not so new to the subject, though. You've been using Physics all your life, but just didn't recognise it as such---until now. :smile:
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    Welcome Brandon. i Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    HI! :) I'm new here too, and I love physics as well. In fact, I used to hate physics when I first started out (didn't help that I had the world's most boring teacher, either), but now that I've moved on from basic forces, and I'm looking into quantum and theoretical physics, I can see how exciting it all is.
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