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Hello, need help with build a cooler

  1. Sep 29, 2011 #1
    hello to all,
    im new here, im just searching someone can mayb help me with my big sitution, i have a closet size: height: 1.47m, width: 75cm, depth: 58cm.
    there is a very hot MH light bulb 400W, with bellows and vents.
    and my temperture is around 32-36C!
    i looking for way too cool down the area to 22C.
    tryed alot of stuff, i thought mayb to take a mini refregirator and take his all cool system, but when i wanted to do that i saw the cold pipe, so i tought mayb i take a Copper wire to get him together with the cold pipe and to the closet.

    im really need help and any suggestion are wellcome!
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    I'm not sure what you mean with the copper wire and cold pipe. Is the cold pipe part of the closet, or a piece of the minifridge's ac? Are you trying to use the copper wire to tie the minifridge to a pipe in the closet, or are you thinking of using it as a thermal conductor between the closet and minifridge?

    Maybe you could install a fan, to circulate the air through the vents to outside. Or maybe get a window ac unit(probably overkill). Or maybe you could replace the bulb with a cooler, less powerful one.

    Now that I've looked up what a MH lightbulb is, I'm getting a little paranoid/suspicious. You're not trying to grow pot, are you? I've come across a forum for pot growers before, do that could be better for this. I do not grow, use, or do anything else with pot. I've just come across some posts while using a search engine.

    A last suggestion is maybe putting up a solar panel with a mini ac unit or something.
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    what you mean in the last suggestion can you give me more information ?
    and not for growing..
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    Good, we don't need more pot around, although it might spark some creativity(or nonsense). What I mean about the solar panel is to install a small solar panel on the roof, and that can power a small fan or ac thing. I don't know if they make tiny ac devices for these purposes, but you could try. The fan thing could work, though. Just make sure it blows enough air to have the convection(heat loss through a fluid flowing around it) equal to the heat generated.
    However, if the lightbulb doesn't need a solar panel or anything, the fan probably won't either, and could simply be hooked up to a power outlet.
  6. Oct 1, 2011 #5
    Try turning off the light...Or would that affect the plants?
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