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Hello new here.

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    I really need help for this physics project I'm doing that's due in a week or so. I need to construct a house out of two poster boards that is about 1cm thick, and 36" x 24". I can tell you guys the rest of the info, tomorow.

    Thanks guys I'd appreciate it.
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    If you're just stating that for some reason: Have fun with it!
    If you're asking the best way to do it: There is no best way, be creative and try to figure something out in your mind, then put it into practice.
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    I dont know how to even start.
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    What's necessary for a house? Floor, walls, ceiling. Heck a door and some windows if you're really artsy. So what would be the next question in designing a house? How do you make a floor, walls, and ceiling? That's the question you need to ask yourself. Once again, there is no right way to do it...
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    Welcome to PF, Jj.
    As you know from the guidelines that you agreed to, we won't tell you how to do something in an educational environment (ie: homework), but will assist with your attempt to understand what is needed.
    To that end, it would be very helpful if you could convey to us the exact wording of the assignment. To me, a house involves something more substantial than poster boards and has to be large enough to actually live in (not to mention indoor plumbing).
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    Danger clear your message history, it's full.

    Any others?
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