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Hello, new member here

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    Hello, it is great to meet you. my name is James and here is a little about me.
    I'm different. Take that sentence as you wish and make your own meaning from it. I have never fitted in with a group. Be it the gamer's, sporty people, readers or the bullies. Thanks God not the latter.
    What I have found is that I can get into a few more fights than I should but never for the wrong reasons. No one deserves to be picked on. Yes, there is the word route, humiliating them but when your friend is on the floor it comes down to a little bit of tapping.
    Moving on, well rather carrying on, I have found that I love sports, I love running the pain of it and then the achievement. But never the gym type. The type when your running down a mud spattered country lane with the beauty of the hills around you. Running up hills with your friends pack on your back getting soaked.
    But that's not all there is to me. No where near.
    Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter. I believe that no matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets or no matter how far you fall, you are never out of the fight.
    I love to learn. Science and maths are my favorite. I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm not naturally clever and don't just have to listen to take things in. I work for it and, by God, I'll get it.
    I'm 13 years old and have 2 career paths ahead of me. A physics professor at a university or an Army officer in the infantry.
    That's not all there is and by far not a summary but thanks for reading and it was a pleasure to meet you.
    Whatever it takes...find an excuse to win.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome to PF!
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