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Hello, new memeber, that needs help

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    Hello, my name is Hessam (self-evidently), i am 15 years old and have an ambition to study physics throughout my life. I have allready read a book on general physics, and one on einsteins theory of relativity, and because of my will to pursue this field, i wish to major in it when i go to college...
    Now i was just wondering if anyone here had any advice on what to read, study, or what to do? i really dont have that much of an extensive knowledge of this field, so any help would be appreciated
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    Read everything that relates to physics, magazines, book or the internet, they always help if only to get you interested in new scientific fields.

    And you have come to the best place for help on physics and just about anything else for that matter.
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    Pink Floyd. High Hopes. You're 15, and you like this stuff? Amazing.

    I think physics comes not so much from books. What Floyd maybe want to say, is this: Have you ever played with a gyroscope? A levitron? Ever tried to build your own electric motor, telephone, or Van-der-Graaff? Ever fiddled with electricity in your own lab?

    OK, you ask for books. I strongly recommend 'Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman' by Richard P. Feynman. That was an eye-opener to me...

    Hessam, good luck on your journey into the land of...
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    This site is an excellent place to start.

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    Look for a book called "Thinking Physics" by Lewis Carrol Epstein. If you're still interested in that then get a copy of "Conceptual Physics" by Paul Hewitt (you can get an older edition quite cheap). These books will help you learn important ideas in physics without getting lost in the math. Learn all the math you can before you get to college.
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