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Hello, new to the forum

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    Hi folks,

    My name is Kevin. I have a BS in Chemistry (1984) and an MBA Finance (1994). I worked in the plastics compounding business for over 20 years. I retired early, now GR and physics has become a hobby of mine. I'm a little thick, so I have hard time understanding some of the material.

    My hobbies are fast cars, cold beer, and hot women! J/K. I do have a hot rod (1970 Chevelle), play drums and write poetry. I live on 10 acres in the orange groves of SWFL. Good clean air, quiet, and cleanest water possible (no chlorine, chloramines, or fluoride).

    I look forward to engaging conversation with you folks in the future. There are some really smart people in here. I am studying Gravitation by MTW, GR First Course by Schutz, Intro to QED by Greiner, Intro to Elementary Particles by Griffith, Intro to QM by Griffith. I'm thinking of getting Greiner's Intro to QCD book as well.

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    Welcome to the PF, Kevin! :smile:
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