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Hello! New to the forums!

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    Hello everyone. I'm Nik Ignjatovic. I'll be 16 on the 22nd of March. I am very interested in Quantum Physics and anything related to physics. Right now I am working on getting my associates degree while in high school so when I graduate I will be able to work on my Masters sooner.
    One of my good friends, Thad Roberts, is a Quantum physicist who is currently getting his book published. In it he talks about our universe in 11 demensions, time, space, quantized space, dark matter, and alot of other things.
    Can't wait to get to know everyone!!
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    Hello Nik. Welcome to the Forum!

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    Welcome to PF, Nik (even if you are only the ninth clone).
    Seems to me that you've found the perfect place to hang out.
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    Hi, Nik. I like to dabble (and sometimes babble [see the link below]) in Quantum Mechanics. For me, it is the mystery that underlies what we observe, interacting with how we observe it. Schroedinger's equation has the symmetry which suggests that entanglement embodies correlation as indeterminate information.
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    Yeah... that's what I meant to say... :uhh:
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    I ran your user name through an anagram solver and got...D-range!
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