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Hello, Newbie to the forum!

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    Hey, I am currently pursuing my associates in Engineering with hopes of transferring to complete a Bachelors degree in either Mechanical, Material, or maybe Aerospace Engineering. I served active duty in the U.S. Army for 6 years, as a Combat Engineer(SAPPER) where my job was to Run n Gun like infantry,but also Blow S*** Up when needed! Unfortunately, my second tour (1st in Baghdad 2nd in Kandahar, AFG) I was on the otherr end of that sentence, meaning I earned a Purple Heart for getting Blown up and my right leg blown off!! "Don't Jump in the Pool, Unless you Plan to get Wet!!" Not sour at all about it, thats combat.
    Anyway, I hope to use this forum as a platform to learn from real engineers and others aBOUT career paths, basic physics questions and so on. I plan on using my military credentials to land me a job with someone like SAIC, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, ect and hope to work on some exciting projects in the future with such companies. MEanwhile, if anyone has any info or knowledge they would like to share with me about the life/career of an engineer, I would greatly appreciate it! School choices for Bachelors, what the daily activities of a Mech Eng. is like at their job, tips on things I should focus on to better prepare me for this career field, all helpful info.
    Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far. I do appreciaate taking the time and woould enjoy talking to some of you in the future on this forum! Ok, now say goodbye to the Newbie, lol. Take care!
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    Hi Jesse, welcome to PF!
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