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MATLAB Hello PDE - Matlab Code - help needed

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    Hi i Would like to solve the the following eqn using Matlab

    Since Im new to Matlab, I would request u to help me in this regard
    (∂^2 T)/〖∂r〗^2 + 1/r (∂T )/∂r+(∂^2 T)/〖∂z〗^2 = 1/α (∂T )/∂t+τ/α (∂^2 T)/〖∂t〗^2 - { (1+δ(t) )-(1+δ(t-tp) }*IoKa/k 〖exp( - 2r/σ^2 〗_^2)exp(-zka)

    where δ(t) =76ns

    Δz = 0.- 2.5
    Δz = 2.5 - 50
    Δr = 4

    If Δz = 0.- 2.5, I have to use thermal properties of my material

    if Δz = 2.5 - 50, I have to use thermal properties of glass.

    Could u help me in this regards
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    I refered you to the other thread so you could read it, not to post there.

    What you need to do is discretize te derivatives of time and space and reduce your pde to a system of algebraic equations that can be solved as shown in the thread mentioned before.

    Show us what you've done and then we'll know how to help you.
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