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Hello people \o I'm Henrique!

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    Olá Galera!!! - That's how we say "hello people" in portuguese!

    So, I'm really happy in being part of this forum for a long time seeing motivations of what engineering should I study, and all kind of good things to accomplish into my knowledge. Then, I decided to make part of it actively, once I want to improve my english, know more people and share as much as I can of the eletrical engineer student's life!

    Well, my name is Henrique, I'm 18 years old, and I study Electrical Engineering at UFBA, a good university here in Brazil. If you guys want to talk about life and everything outside studies world, add me on facebook clicking here, I'll be really glad to talk to you and share life experiences.

    Finishing this, I'd like to know where are you guys! I dream about live in Europe and work there as a Engineer, so I'd love to meet people of there. :D
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    Welcome to PF!
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