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Hello PF

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    Hello and thanks for this forum. Love it!

    My name is Øyvind Andersson, I'm from Norway and I'm a game designer and programmer. My advanced math and physics knowledge is somewhat limited, so I intend to use this forum for learning and indeed to ask questions about the topics for my area.

    See you around.

    Thank you, and best regards,
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    Welcome to PF!

    What types of games do you specialize in? What language and tools do you use?
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    Hello! I have the most experience with fps and thirdperson shooters and horror /adventure, but also quite some with 2d based games. I've worked with a variety of game engines such as Source by Valve, Unreal engine and unity engine. They are my top three. For 2d and 3d artwork i use photoshop and 3ds max +zbrush, respectively. For programming I generally use c++ for games and c# for apps and tools. Then php for web server stuff. I guess that is about it :)
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    That's quite a palette of skills. I write applications and support libraries mostly with some flavor of databases thrown in. My primary language is Java and I use NetBeans IDE, maven and SVN for project development. I do stray into Python scripts for developer tools as neede and have explored the use of node.js for web apps, Groovy, Scala and Clojure as alternatives to Java. For databases, I like using the H2 database engine and SQL embedded inside my Java app.

    I've also played with Unity and Processing as an alternative means of doing android apps. I especially like unity because of it's amazing and broad support of so many mobile platforms. I'm still looking for the ultimate programming language. :-)
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    Likewise! Sound very interesting. I have only touched Java on the surface, but it seems very much like C#. Python is something I'd like to get into however.
    H2 db..? Is that Java specific lib? I have frequently used SQLite in C++. I'm also currently "porting" EloquentORM (from Laravel 4) to C#, here is the - very early alpha - on git: https://github.com/OyvindAndersson/EloqueNET . I do love some exercise to hone my skills!

    Have you been building apps for mobile for a long time? Never got into it, but sure would like to. :)
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    C# is Microsoft's answer to Java after Sun attacked them for extending the Java JVM beyond what Sun wanted. So Sun sued them and eventually C# came into being. You can read more about it here if you like:

    http://www.yale.edu/pclt/mscase/microsoft_java.htm [Broken]

    H2 database is a pure java database engine. It has transaction support and works quite well. What impressive is that it has a built in web console as well as SQL access and it comes packaged as a single jar file. Also programs can embed the database inside for faster access while other programs access the database via JDBC.

    My mobile development has been sporadic at best. I've tried a couple of program ports to see if I could compile and load it on my device.
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