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Hello Physics Enthusiasts!

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    I created an account just to ask questions here and there about topics I find interesting. I was a chemical engineering major at OU for several years, so I have some experience with undergrad physics and math, BUT I'm not in school anymore, so I'm not looking for homework help or anything. Anyway, I tried to create an account on a physics forum a long time ago, because I was dying to know about the experiments that conclusively demonstrated atomic structure as we know it today (when I looked up "history of the atom" on google/youtube/whatever-resource, all I got was a description of the various models over the years, but no JUSTIFICATION for those models), but was unable to create a new thread for some reason. Now, I have another question that interests me at the moment, so I'm trying again!

    I'm Kris by the way. Nice to meet you all! I probably won't be terribly active here, but I will make this my home base for a good mind **** when I feel the need for one.
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    Welcome to the forum Kris!
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