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Hello Quantum!

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    Hello everybody,
    This first post is intended, as requested, as a small self presentation.
    I'm an italian electronic engineer, a programmer for job and a passionate in Quantum Physics and Physics (and Mathematics) in general. I live and work in Padua.
    I've almost finished to follow a series of lessons about Quantum Optics at the PhD course in Telecommunication Engineering at Padua University. The course is held by proff. Paolo Villoresi and Giuseppe Vallone.
    My aim is to get closer to the new field of Quantum Computation and Information, for passion but with a certain desire to build something useful also for job.
    I'll surely ask questions, or even try to answer for helping other people.

    If somebody around my location is interested on the same subject, please consider contacting me for a brainstorming on the next future in Computer Science in this perspective.

    Hope to hear soon from you, bye!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Quantum Optics sounds like a mouthful. I am new here myself. Nice introduction and good luck.
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    If you like the topic, you're welcome to the debate

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    This is a new member introduction thread. If you want to discuss Quantum Optics then please open a separate thread with your questions in the appropriate forum.
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