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"Hello Reader"

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    Its weird,
    Despite how simple this sort of thing should be, I experienced a near crippling anxiety in starting this thread. First I thought, "First impressions matter, so make it a great one.". Then I thought, "How?"

    . . .

    One hour, a couple news articles, a few homework problems, and three motivational videos later I settled for, "Hello". As an aspiring engineering student, I decided that "hello" would be both practical, economic, and most importantly, socially "safe". Also I hypothesized that the quotation marks might just improve its visibility . . . ever so slightly.

    (Does everyone go through that process or was it just me?)

    Anyways, I am a 24 year guy. I left high school for 7 years, working and such, but now I'm finally going to college. I really love astronomy; however I'm going to study Engineering (Aiming for Engineering Physics, but I have to do some time at community college first to do the prerequisite courses) so that I can actually be involved in it the way I'd like to.

    I got wind of the new forum updates, via email (was a quiet member on the old site) and decided it would be a great place to meet people with similar interests and career goals (probably the standard new member assumption).

    So hello there. Nice to meet you all.

    Question: Is it possible to set up a 'private-ish' study group using this website and if it is how do you do it?

    Note: I had to add "...Reader" to the title.
    Two word titles .... the more you know.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you ask any question you have, whether it be a problem or you just need some concept clarified, you'll get help here. If you still want the study group thing, maybe make a post in General Discussion or come in chat (open for all members on Sunday, open everyday for Gold members).
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    Hey there.

    Thanks for the welcoming Greg and Rocket. There may just be some validity to my "quotation - views" hypothesis. That or you people are just nice. I guess its win win either way.
    Also thanks for the tips Rocket. I'll be sure to follow.
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    I think it was the quotations.
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