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Hello Real Physicist needed.

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    I took college physics many years ago, but never worked in the field. Now that I'm writing a novel I have some questions for Real Physicist. I only have a few questions that might sound stupid but they relate to things I remember hearing while in class, or while surfing the net trying to find answers.
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    Welcome to PF!

    We have a forum for science fiction writing where your can post your questions. Keep in mind that in general on this site, we don't discuss speculative science or personal theories. However in the science fiction writing forum you can ask about such things for potential plot devices.

    For me science fiction that uses real science is far more interesting and harder to write. I've been recently reading The Expanse series of novels and they seem to deal with the imagined realities of space travel quite well.
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    Thanks jedishrfu, I also enjoyed the Expanse novels. Have you seen the TV series? I just found the Science Fiction and Fantasy section, I'm hoping I can get some answers, the first one is a debate between Greg Bear and a local physics instructor.
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