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Hello there :D

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    My name is Ron. I have bipolar type 2. I have done many ridiculous things because of my mentall illness but ever since I have been on medicines I seem to be getting stable. There are many walls left to climb, though. It has developed due to a very troubled past/childhood and of course genetics.

    I am male, 21, hobbies are chess, 3d modelling, studying EECS. I love dogs and have one as a pet. Came here to get some help and hopefully the genius rubs off on me. Classes september. I started on my medicines last month and take three medicines (Lithium carbonate, Tianeptine, Fluoxetine) for my bipolar type 2. I hope I can get my life together now.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,
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    Welcome to the PF, Ron. That's great news that the meds are helping you so much. Hang in there, and enjoy school. :smile:
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    thank you sir, in hindsight should probably have chosen a slightly less creepy username, but I thought it would be funny (sorry).
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    If you'd like it changed, just start a private conversation with the Owner of the PF, @Greg Bernhardt

    He's recovering from running a half marathon today, but should be on the PF later checking his messages. :smile:
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    alright Ill see, meanwhile I also like to learn about military stuff and watch loads of videos/documentaries..currently watching this:

    thank you and good night, i will be back later (hopefully).
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