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Hello there

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    Hi, I just joined Physics forums and I'm really excited to explore the concepts of physics (and cross-over maths if you will :-p ) while doing what I can to share knowledge with others! Thank God we have such outlets on the internet.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What topics of physics and math most interest you?
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    Well when it comes to Maths, I love calculus. In Physics, I'm mostly interested in Kinematics,Mechanics(a lean towards quantum when compared to classical),Nuclear Physics, and finding my own derivations to most textbook formulas. (I don't accept any formula until I have my own working to prove it! )
    I'm currently doing A levels, but I frequently love to go out of portion and take on some challenging problems :)
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    When you get the chance, you should look at Vector Analysis. It may be a bit advanced but it combines many of your interests in one subject and is applicable to a lot of classical physics problems.
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    Thanks, I'll definitely look into it.
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