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Hello there

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    I am Yvette an aspiring physicist. I am currently chugging along at community college. I am married with a nearly 4 year old daughter. I hail from Denver, Colorado but I now reside in Brighton.

    I am 30 years old and a former art school drop out. I love art and I'm pretty good at still life, but I could not make sense of this as a career. I was unhappy and dabbled in many different sciences. I took a pharm tech 9 month program to have some stability in life. I aced it! Once I was out in the field I was deeply disappointed with the pay and the lack of use my new math and science training. I wasreally back in customer service and found myself trying to study up on insurance and legal information. I really had no interest in these topics and the fun tech jobs in IV and compounding were few and far between. I then was lucky enough to get hired on in an automated pharmacy with one of the highest paying companies in the US. I still didn't make much and I was now doing factory line work. I have reached the peak of the pharmacy tech industry.

    The greatest part of my job is the allowance of head phones to play music. I used this time to catch up on audio books. I really enjoy history and found myself hooked on the history books that involved science and technology. I also got into many pod casts, like those of Star Talk Radio or Dan Carlan's Hardcore History. I found my passion through my boring tech job, so I don't regret it one bit. Now I have some catching up to do.

    It has been a long journey for me to find my true passion. I have hit many road blocks and detours to get here and I am now excited about my future.

    I am very excited I found Physics Forums.
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    Welcome to PF Yvette !
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