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Hello there

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    I am new hear. I have a BS in mathematics that I earned many many years ago. I tutor mathematics and also work with small groups of homeschoolers. I am trying to teach myself about using Arduino so I can introduce it to students. I thought I knew much more about electronics and electricity than I actually do. The depth of my ignorance is becoming more and more apparent to me.

    Fortunately I discovered this forum, and I hope that I can contribute something to others as I learn.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Yes Arduino is pretty cool. Although I don't like the need to build my program on a developer machine and download it to the arduino.

    My students have been exploring the Raspberry PI where you can write in Python and directly manipulate the external ports to turn on LEDs and other connected hardware. The PI is limited for hardware connections and so I've seen some folks use a PI connected to an arduino.

    In any event, hardware coupled with a computer opens up a lot of territory to explore and is definitely a great learning experience.
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