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Hello there!

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    Hi guys!

    Today I became a new member of this awesome forum I have been visiting it for some time. Often, when I get into some trouble in problem solving I would come here.
    Today I felt the urge to participate, and when needed get some help in exam preparations ( ow how selfish it sounds).

    Honestly, it is kinda odd, and it makes you feel kinda dumb to post a simple question in calculus or mechanics when there are so many advanced topics in this forum mostly. I hope some of you can relate.

    But really, I hope I will get pass that because I really want to get a good grade on this exam, and I really want to get a good base in physics so after the exam I will continue participating and studying advanced physics for sure.

    Btw I am a student of soon to be 2nd year of electrical engineering so I still find calculus kinda frightening but I am trying to understand it well.

    Hope you people are having a great summer.

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    Welcome to PF. :smile:
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