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Hello There!

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    Greetings All! I'm Ben from Gravesend in the UK. I have been interested in physics for a long time now and although I have no formal education in anything I find myself understanding physics more and more as time goes on. I know it sounds obvious that ones understanding of a subject would increase the more one was exposed to it, but for me it's a bloody miracle! (not a divine one of course)
    I have found myself on several occasions coming to the same conclusions as proper science folk on some questions and on one I managed to predict the outcome of an experiment with just the conceptual outlay which was not the one they were expecting. One of the major failings with my scientific knowledge is Math(s), I can understand and conceive concepts and ideas but have no idea of how to back up my conclusions with mathematics which I am now determined to rectify.
    So I thought it was time to find a place where I can ask question and possibly when I feel brave enough discuss some of my ideas to see if they have any merit whatsoever, which is what brings me here today!

    Hi Everyone!
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    Welcome to PF! Good luck with the math! Please view our guidelines on speculation.
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    Read and understood, don't worry my interest is finding scientific proof amongst my ideas and discounting accordingly. I know that I understand some concepts already and I hope this is a place where I can discuss possible implications of current research and be informed by those more experienced and educated than myself.
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