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Hello there

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    Hello, my tag name is Blue, but I am Val. I am 28 years old and living near Atlanta Georgia. I am not a student of Math, Science, or Astronomy, in fact, I am a housewife and aspiring author. Despite these, less than stellar ( pun intended) notes on myself, I came here to feed my curiosity. I love space, and I mean LOVE. Whether it's science, or science fiction I have always been drawn to the stars and the idea of space travel. Not to mention the absolute beauty of the stars and their cradles. The idea of discovery, exploration, and adventure as always appealed to me.

    I may not be a student in an official sense of the term, however I am taking the occasional course on edx and coursera for astronomy, and will look to start learning more about math on my own.

    Thanks for reading by pun filled short breathed monologue. :)
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    Welcome to PF Blue!
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